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tion of the sound-waves, is termed egophony, and which formerly

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t Duhamel, Gazette hebdomadaire , 1865, No. 3S, p. GOO.

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in the lung, as the result of local thrombosis or as the result of

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" Without any optical or other discoverable reason,

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injurious effect of aspirated pathogenic germs is to be avoided in the

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In the first place, it is certain that carcinoma of the lungs may be

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globin or red blood-cells into their bodies and have thus converted

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ribs are materially diminished and the usual excessive dilatation of

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are also pure white. According to Lucas-Cham ponniere's descrip-

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— "The Use of Adrenal Substance in the Treatment of Asthma," "Jour, of Amer.

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Hence maintenance of the blood pressure does not mean a maintenance

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tures found in different types of keratitis,* which are quite similar to

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with signs of bronchial catarrh (had been in Hospital with measles

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takes place, with deep depressed scars and complete clearing-up

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Prominent symptoms. — Eigois. Stabbing pains in head and

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convenient, I injected one cubic centimeter of pneumonic sputum into a

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There is one more disease which is liable to be mistaken for

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in the evening, which, in very sensitive patients, might continue for

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* London Med. Gaz., 1848, 1849. t " Klinik tier Kinderkrankheiten."

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and neck swollen. Glands of neck to be felt, easily movable

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* See " Massachusetts State Board of Health Report," 1878,

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expectorate, as is the more likely to happen in chronic catarrh the

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transverse sections, as the lumen of the vessel. At different places

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in the apex; in the course of the disease finally a pericardial effusion

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as unfavoral)le as in seven^ cases of gangrene without empyema;

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to be required to ascend many stairs. In the course

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Can emphysema be due to purely nervous causes? An acute

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as well as that of v. Ziemssen, and can assert that pneumonia occurs

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particularly as emphysema secondarily leads to hypertrophy and

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Some of the pulmonary changes which occur in connection with

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