of the liver, or of the lung itself, or an echinococcus sac ruptures
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reduced the mortahty that this method alone should be adopted.
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In emphysema and in permanent dilatation of the heart the
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On December the i8th he was brought to London and placed
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tion to be due to the same causes as the condition of the alveoli,
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by three of those which I have narrated. In E. M. and W. P. the
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Woillez: "Cure of Pneumothorax," "Arch, gener.," Dec, 1853.
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healers, celebrate their triumphs. If I, nevertheless, in the absence
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the vagus) the alveoli are filled with large, swollen, granular epithe-
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— we have to deal with an exudate; but if the test is positive, even
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All the above symptoms occur both in diffuse and in circum-
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cessive ingestion of food merely tends to the production of fat and
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functions, and in such cases it may be justifiable to say that the em-
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I have now indicated the points which lead me to conclude
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possible at home — these factors are quite sufficient to explain the
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rise to many exjilanations and many hv])otheses. "We find these
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the contraction of the lung, becomes as great as the pressure on the
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ance of the specific causes of the disease to aspiration, while in the
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and Foreign Medico-chirurgical Review," vol. xxv, 1860. Citirt nach Gierke!.
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time, consists of an egg with 10 tablespoonfuls of milk and 10 table-
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Sacaze: "Un cas de pleuresie s(^reuse tuberculeuse et streptococcique," "Revue de
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demonstrate a symptom of disease in him. Whether, however, the
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the ceiling; by cutting down trees in front, and re-
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contusion of a mus articidaris that had been caught between the articu-
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sary first to consider the probable cause for the eruption of the
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in addition to a dense deposit on the surface of the pleura, often
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and, being unable to adapt its respirator}^ efforts to the capacity of