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as a fibrinous degeneration of the alveolar epithelium.

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sideration, however, allows us to take the proper precautions and

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luft," "Abhandl. a. d. med. Klinik zu Dorpat," p. 377.

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it is only the peculiaiities of the sputum that justify us in discussing

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contiguity, that is, direct spread of the inflammation through the

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but it later becomes yellow, and only by and by takes on the so-

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wall, are incapable of relaxing or increasing their tonus to a degree

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appear in transverse section, are intact; on the right they are inter-

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frequency among girls than among boys, .partly due,

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pletely. Before returning the intestines, I cleaned out the

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— "Pulmonary Syphilis," " Path. Soc. Trans.," xxxvii, 111.

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is favorable the cure of gangrene of the limg can only be accepted

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indications of the presence of bile pigment with the same reagent.

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quite cool ; body also cool in parts exposed ;• no tache cerebrale.

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pensation may apparently be established in a resting animal, this does

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infrequently occur after traumatism, or as the result of cUsease of the

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bronchial wall is also readily explained by a reference to the figure

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sage in extenso because I do not wish to Criticize it, but consider

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putrid bronchitis owes its popularity to the convenience with which

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parenchyma proper of the lungs and even outside of the pulmonary

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rate, 100; lowest rate, 72, usually low in early part of illness;

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which is connected with the development of large quantities of dust.

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to a parabola with its apex in the lateral wall of the thorax (usually in

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not to open the empyema necessitatis, but to perform thoracotomy in

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thorax is caused by a gangrenous focus in the lung or by a piitrid exu-

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fection, and also brings the surface of the diseased lung A^ithin the

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existing symptoms, which is usually the case at the beginning of the

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Another series of tissue changes takes place when a fluid is formed

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relaxed and a larger amount of air accumulates on the anterior surface

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His communication records the result of the treatment of

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It begins with that substitution of artificial for natu-