are in ordinary fractures, in establishing a general diagnosis ;

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presentation of the germ theory by an American medical

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in-chief at Trinity Hospital, which was erected by him in memory of

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and surgeons of both schools and of every specialty. Dr.

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Medical Society, Chicago Gynaecological Society, the Phy-

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cholera in this country this year, and are preparing for it by

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his cases which recover, be perfectly satisfied that the medicine

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ing papers of more general interest. New York : D. Appleton

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When Dr. Eggert, in the opening paragraph of the appendix,

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graduated from the Albany Medical College in 1870 with the degree

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As a general rule we must refrain from going primarily in

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tioners ; and such diseases are left almost altogether to sanitary

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somewhat ambiguous discussion of " The Moral Aspects of Vivi-

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posterior. If it has been transverse, the bullet has followed

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most comfortably with her head and shoulders low ; urine almost

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Institute, New York ; Professor Internal Medicine at New York Post-

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appointment he has continuously held since 1890, and has also been

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cerebral anaemia — that is, they are symptoms of the irritation of the nervous

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he began using nitrate of silver in solution 1 : 40, instilled into

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all the splinters, both adherent and free, and resection of the cunei-

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The functional signs vary according to the seat of the

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Brooklyn. She died September 13, 1871, leaving two sons and two

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has removed the uterus by the vagina for cancer and

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into the eye, and waited five minutes, the eye being closed, it is

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paring of a Materia Medica adapted to the wants of both student

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are contusions, lateral wounds, perforations ; only fragments

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With the Gras and Lebel bullets, in the great majority