are either individual, such as previous chronic disease, extreme age,

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importance of this muscle is not rated so hi<2;h now as it was formerly,

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the list, yet I claim that it falls within the general description of

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— it is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate directly the comparative

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individuals, spontaneously or, more frequently, when they are forced

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three months, showed that the affected part, the left lower lobe, was

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it may very easily happen that air is pressed from the other kmg

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be obtained, in a classified form, in order that they may be

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is almost horizontal; it even gradually rises and courses about the

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B.P. mixed with 20 minims of dilute hydrocyanic acid B.P.

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it had thirty-two spasms. 10 a.m. the following day was lively

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does not seem to be any doubt that gavage and forced feeding in them-

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child's having fallen downstairs. If any scientific advance is to be

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In some of the cases death may occur cjuickly from hemoptysis,

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often and flagrantly violated, and so the physician is often forced to

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The son of these people, twenty-two years old, also was taken ill.

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Here we are dealing with a change of the adventitia which agrees

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subject of tobacco is to some extent an open one. It

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'pleura (obliteration of the pleura), which, sti-ange to say, in some cases

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day, with the exception of one or two supporters, is universally

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the lung near the incision from closing the opening and obstructing

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decided dulness. Pulse 120, cardiac sounds loud and clear; mucous mem-

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myself have luckily seen but two patients who, several hours after

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more correctly, if the tonus of the abdominal wall is such that the

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239. Tumas: " Ueber die Schwankiingen tier Blutkorperzahl und des Haniogloljinge-

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intense reaction with nitric acid, while the urine gave but slight

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1. As a frequent sequel and concomitant of almost all constitu-