the use of expectorants. Priessnitz's compresses, changed every two
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usually seen when the exudate contains large numbers of pus-cor-
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the cut surface, had a rosy appearance, and in a few places presented a
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entire lower portion of the thorax shows absolute dulness. Occa-
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motor nerves to muscles proceed from nerve-centres in the spinal
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but they may not have been recognized, being mistaken for genuine
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enough mathematician to know that where ciphers stand for
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pressure, absolute rest in bed should be insisted on at once. Some-
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The complete obstruction atelectasis of the right lung, as described
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arrives at a diametrically opposite result. In. the winter of 1879-80,
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On the whole, it may be taken for granted that an increase in vocal
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of an unusually strong workman, whose lungs were unquestionably
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presence of the tumour in the course of the colon, and its ultimate
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The occurrence of herpes in the course of pneumonia is said to be
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to those who are practically well, all grades may be observed.
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bronchitic symptoms. Such patients very readily get bronchitis.
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red blood-corpuscles ; they enter the fibrin, but much more slowly
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valvular lesions, the emphysema in such cases is to be regarded chiefly
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the time all who witnessed the operation agreed in the apparent
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enlarge the opening, I felt confident I detected a rent in the
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cases. In the winter of 1 870-7 1 , Dr. Heubner, who was acting
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cheal tract, of the pleura^, of the esophagus, of the stomach, of the
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such cases there is always a pulmonary fistula, or whether absorption
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modern clinician who by means of exploratory puncture or b}' evacu-
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It may not be out of place to remark that in no other clinical con-
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comes an absolutely harmful agent for the laborers who work in the
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of the pulmonary vein (Penzoldt) ; (2) weakening of the current by
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ered first; next, the inhalation of iron- and stone-dust, both of which
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the greater the degree of inflammation and fever, the greater the impair-
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cavity, consists in making an explorator}^ puncture of the pleura
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the deposition and subsequent penetration of dust particles, — the
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poisoning by illuminating gas or carbolic acid, — the most conspicuous
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by the exudate, since it has already been stated that the degree of
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alveoli a larger quantity of fibrin was also found which was arranged in
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mary ; Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Yorkshire College, Victoria Uni •
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opinion, provided these large doses of digitalis are given early, they