The more recent studies are found in Riegel's work, "Die Athembe-
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with well-marked arteriosclerosis and emphysema. From the history,
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fifth, seventh, or ninth day the crisis occurs, with a complete fall of
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extensive exudate not to occlusion of the pulmonary arteries, but rather
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masses which represent a dense whorl of very fine fibers, but partly also
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absolute certainty phthisis, bronchiectasis, and any other process
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Grandy || || speaks of a case of so-called chronic bronchial croup in
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careful paper on primary carcinoma of the lungs which he based on
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his experiments, which possess the special advantage of ha\ing been
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soft, in a condition of detritus, and gradually took on a firmer con-
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brane is to be considered inflammatory, because I have found in
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time it became so fashionable that the most detailed investigations are
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den occurrence of death in individuals apparently in the best of health
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Now that exploratory puncture and timely operative intervention
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Pick: "Post-critical Diminution in Acidity of L'ririe in of Croupous Pneu-
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with which the upper and lower lobes were affected. They became
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very plausible explanation of the origin of asthma in man would be possible. The
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these affect a whole lobe of the lung, the expectorated blood is of a
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as Marchand has stated. These cells are either in immediate contact
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of one of the larger bronchi by a gumma. More correctly, it may be
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endothelial layers. This proliferation of endothelial and epithelial
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stenosis, in which a bilateral bronchial stenosis develops, which is
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bronchi are clear, bronchial l^reathino; may also be heard. In many
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was heard, and also ringing rales. No expectorations. Stool after castor
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it is impossible further to stain the nuclei with the same stain. The
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sputum t). The auscultatory sign in dry catarrh is a sibilant rale,
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superficial abscesses containing pins corroborates the belief that
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Janssen, howe\'er, is of the opinion that primary asthenic pneumonia
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