swollen and inflamed. Dufour considers the affection to have been

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several important diagnostic signs based on percussion, it may never-

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expiratory pressure. In the higher grades, finally, which accompany

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Streptococcus pyogenes may be the cause of a primary pneu-

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hospital and private practice. The first part of the book is devoted to Bacteri-

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oxyphilic cells are found in the fibrin clumps in the sputum of fibrinous

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the exudate is s(>creted ; and the a])undance or Ihe number of the pre-

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could be found was a marked ozena which the patient said he had had

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and the muscular layer of the chest-wall, the so-called subserous

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and when I saw him the next day he showed, when in the recumbent

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fore, believe that infarcts may occur without embolism, especially in

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toration of whitish, stringy mucus, from simple irri-

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Among the numerous cases of nasal asthma, we find also single

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present, the pleural cavity may be likened to a barrel without a

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affects the apices. Catarrhal pneumonia in childnui affects the l)ases.

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febrile condition shown by the thermometer, though it considerably

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spoonfuls of water, to which is added a good pinch of salt.

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I'enfant," "Archives de medecine experimentelle," 1892, Janvier. Citirt

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crepitant rales characteristic of the initial stage of pneumonia may

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costal cartilage as a cause of emphysema. Cantani, in assuming a

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some as large as a goose-egg, w-ere found in both lungs. One of them

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the use of cold, and that was the distribution of the body heat in

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Whether emphysema may coexist with a A'alvular lesion is often

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account of a cachectic catarrhal pneumonia that after the fatal out-

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tomy would be looked upon as a very simple affair, if the good

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tricial processes that are capable of retrogressive metamorphosis.

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Action on the uterus. — Digitalis having been said to have a

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1 : 60 to 70. This symptom disappeared with the pneumonia. Occa-

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10. — "Die Lungenschwindsucht mit besonderer Riicksicht auf die Behandlung

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it is rarely brought to the microscope. The chemical examination

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Diffuse gangrene, according to my experience, is generally pre-

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There is no doubt at least that the muscular contractions on the sound

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