By reason of these results the genesis of desquamati^'e pneumonia

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2. If the bacteriologic examination is negative, serous and puru-

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I. Compound Dislocation of the Shoulder — Bedmtion — Subse-

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these two cases was a woman, the first spoken of below, born in

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so long ago as 1840, Dr. Blundell,^ an American surgeon, sug-

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affection anorexia is present. The taking of large amounts of liquid


the oral cavity during expiration, and to be drawn down again dur-

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the exact manner in which death is produced by the drug, btit

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mold fungi, also occur incidentally in the bronchi. [In another

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may go on to stupor. Suddenly, with a feeling of severe rending

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98°. Although xanthopsy was stated in the note to be present,

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patients, but the spring itself makes but little difference. The classi-

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vented from doing so by the narrowing of the gut some 8 inches

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still in the nucleus, is of a more acute and rapid kind. In these

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The examination of the ensuing stage gives a better confirmation

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small isolated focus to an entire lobe; the entire lung may even be

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Keen, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.S. (Hon.), Professor of the Principles of Surgery

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once, even if the sj^philitic manifestations are quite insignificant."

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power when in full health and perfect control of his muscular

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any means a certain sign of its tuberculous nature, as many authors

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This statement appears to conflict with the well-known fact that

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monia, has always been subject to special investigation ; especially at

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alcoholic subject may have asthma. If a reliable history of such a

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l(>ast in a normal lung. It is obvious that in emphysema the amount

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years of life ; that the morbicUty is high after the sixtieth year in

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178. Netter: "Archives de phys. norm, et path.," Tome viii, 1S86. Citirt nach

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[No treatment of pneumonia can be rational without a true con-

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fact, represents a mixture of different kinds of inorganic substances,

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apparently in cases with unfavorable termination — the entire epithe-

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reach the lymph-glands by way of the lymphatic trunks. Some of

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O. Friintzel, 1891. (" Charite-Annalen," xvi.) Aneurysm which pressed on the left

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deeply, distinct amphoric breathing with a high metallic adventitious

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primary localization to cases where no general disease can be demon-

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of the fact whether these cocci are found in the dead pneumonic lung or

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continue the irrigations and make every effort to check the decomposition

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tion to be due to the same causes as the condition of the alveoli,

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to become separated and form a pleural cavity for the reception of

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should have toxemia, others not, he does not explain. Of the 40,