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in such cases, thanks to modern surgery, the treatment appears to

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If the dulness were splenic in character, the splenic tumor would in

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of steel and sandstone dust (grintlstone) ; (3) stone dust and clay

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mischief can be done with the galvanocautery. [With this the editor

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Massalongo and Franchini : " Riforma medico," 1898, xiv, i, 583.

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The manuals and text-books in describing the beginning of the

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ascending aorta com{)ressing the left bronchus. The inner surface was ulcer-

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"Tremendous advances have been made during the past ten

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previous experiments. Both vagi were cut in the neck.

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may be quite uninjured; the accident has been especially attributed

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have a nasopharyngeal, a pharyngeal, a tonsillar, and a laryngeal

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children and adults leads me to assume that perhaps the work of

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ph}-sema is prevented. This experiment proves nothing — it is so

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existed between the leucocyte curve and the general state in pneu-

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by Fraenkel and Weichselbaum. Under normal conditions its habi-

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as the resistance offered by friction is of course much greater in a

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a diagnosis. 2. I note the symptoms did not warrant an exact

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proposed as characteristic of encapsulation and membrane formation

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certain amount of bronchial breathing over the affected side. The

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the onset was followed, in ten hours, by convulsions. There were

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The likelihood of this last observation of Virchow's to be true

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mucous membrane of the bronchi. They cannot produce very

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is displaced downward, and although the apex-beat is seen approx-

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duty at least to avoid as far as possible the danger of putrefaction.

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emia of the pulmonary tissue; at other times it is a product of a real

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enable one to form a true estimate of the value of local disinfection.

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plete abolition of reflex action, but no tetanus. The dilute acid

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may result. The functions of the nervous system are not rarely

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sputa make their appearance. The presence of a high degree of

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ture of the trunk, the tip of the nose or a greater part of the face, in

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horizontal segment. Marey, howe^•er, interprets the horizontal por-

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