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of articular rheumatism and during the puerperium. In this form
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Frantzel : " Ueber Pneumothorax " in v. Ziemssen's " Handb. der spec. Pathol,
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which induces a chronic hyperemia, and is in turn aggravated by the
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of a correct bacteriologic investigation of the cause of pulmonary
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attend the treatment of empyemata. 'Where only one opening is
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come so prominent as completely to overshadow the emphysema.
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Elasticity is not the only efficient factor in the evacuation; an-
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Wilson: "Journal of the American Medical Association," 1900, xxxv, 595; "Phila-
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condition that can be met with in the nerve-centres, for the
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lips had to be cleaned. The patient did not respond when spoken to.
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eously in the epigastric, left hypochondriac, or any region more
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stained with eosin, two other distinct forms of cells will be found;
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increased rapidity of the flow afforded by a cannula of larger caliber
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III. The third theory of jaundice is that which attributes this
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In the variety of infarct here under discussion there can scarcely
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it therefore becomes difficult to deternune the seat of *the infarct.
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the air escapes from the air-passages through injuries in the walls and
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The count showed a steady increase up to the time of crisis, and with
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emphysema. (4) Phthisical pictures, when either the ectasis is