bronchi: "There is a dilatation above and below the point of con-
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tion about the membrane. Hearing with left ear 8 inches.
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healthy children reco\'ery may take place. Catarrhal pneumonia of
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should be not less than sixty feet distant from any
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Atony, that is to say, loss of the special power of attraction and
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affection cyanosis may occur, as has already been mentioned. It is,
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is a choice between one opinion and another, and I assume that what
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other hand, the interstitial inflammation, which progresses pari passu
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abuse of alcoholic l^everages replaced by a reasonable indulgence.
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satisfaction of seeing his patient rapidly gain ground.
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action exert a direct mechanical influence. Under such conditions the
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to substantiate this opinion. They took food containing chlorid of
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occur, the condition is very nuich more certain; but even then the
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negative pressure in the lungs, and even a small difference, of, say,
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large cells which here fill the ah'eolar lumen are separated from
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and at special times, occurring with equal frequency in the young and
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done when a girl goes to the theatre or concert, and
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tion, too, the displacement of the liver and spleen downwards may
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I P.M. — Died rather suddeulj after vomiting a large quantity
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however, for the diaphragm is flat and does not arch downward ; on the
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important points still to be observed, in which one case may differ
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stomach ; but that fault is hardly likely to occur.
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37, 12 were so-called idiopathic pleurisv, tuberculosis resulting in
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means can, of course, be really of use only in cases where the throat
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certain time. If this process, however, at the onset has only been active
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appearance in cavities. Around the place where the signs of a cavity
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each powder containing exactly 2 eg. (^ grain) morphin by weight
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be fulfilled to prevent the occurrence of catarrhal pneumonia. Be-
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the irritating secretion is not continually chscharged, but accunuilates
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