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of ten men shortly after death, and found Diplococcus pneumoniae
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and lobular pneumonias also occur as catarrhal pneumonias. He
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As far as the age of the patients afflicted with pneumonia is con-
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no serious organic defect, digitalis should be given the preference
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to some element of the blood which is wanting to the bile. This
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As to foreign bodies, we must always consider that we can often
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suitable cases, of moist heat by means of a Priessnitz compress, poul-
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causing in large doses tetanic spasm and death. The sulphate
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bacillus, colon bacillus, diphtheria bacillus, Micrococcus tetragenus,
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the jugular vein of a cat, and both vagi were cut in the neck and
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sixth of my cases there was spitting of blood, although not in large
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nective-tissue elements of the pulmonary tissue for their origin. On
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porta, is attached to the iinder surface of the pancreas, but does
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main army of less iisoful drugs, most of which act on the imagination
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movement leads to rupture of that membrane, escape of the
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day, go to sleep quietly at the usual time, but after one or two hours
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I shall cut the present description short and pass over the expectorants
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In regard to the diagnostic and prognostic significance of these curves,
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appearance of tliis symptom, the same author shows that herpes occurs
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which the hoahhy organism can increase its acti\'ity without injury
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secretions. By introducing a drainage-tube as long as the entire canal
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evacuation, some time should elapse before puncture is again resorted
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* Two olisorvations of ( lentilhoinine cited l)y Joal. Fraenkel has one case among
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Pneumothorax following putrid pleurisy is a comparatively rare
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collect innumerable instances in which a chest full of serum has
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sage of a heavy wagon over the patient's body. A right pleural effu-
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frequently led to the supposition that in this process there was more
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pulmonary tissue, but by a permanent hermetic closure of the smallest
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by a certain preihsposition of the nervous system, as in epilepsy or
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symptoms are also observed: The sputum is generally catarrhal,
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intervention, and too much of the fluid is withdrawn, or a large trocar is
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from an encapsulated peritoneal abscess. Experimentally this pyogenic
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cinoma of the esophagus; but it is possible that perforation may be
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Tuffier correctly says that it is very difficult to distinguish between
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always introduced by collapse of the pulmonary tissue, and that
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has proved its utility by the acceptance it has already found. Its style is