this dust atmosphere were again attacked by the disease, sometimes

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Finally, it remains to be mentioned that in many places circular

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present; for there is always the possibility that the exudate itself is

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the surface after the manner of papillary formations. These new

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risking the dangers incident to a great difference in pressure. I am

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160. Lit ten: " Uel^er die durch Contusion erzeugten Erkrankungen der Brustorgane

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dogmatically. If there is a penetrating wound of the chest with a

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and investigated. In the cases in which I have found causes of this

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the room for a short time; a little mild exercise materially facilitates

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and tubular breathing met with in pneumonia. Then again, in


merely shows througli. In the examination of recent as well as

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requires repetition, but we have been prevented from repeating


swelling upward, to make out which was the upper end of the

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bronchitis. [In capillary bronchitis or bronchopneumonia there is

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ly in the surrounding tissue, without an intermediate stage of ate-

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Sappey believes that such an action of the diaphragm takes place

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in rate — the occurrence of a murnuu" is a rarity — it does not, in the

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It is well in all cases in which the drop in temperature occurs by

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sema. Two cases might be cited of enthusiastic wheelmen, one of

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their trunks by the knife. When the nerves, as they pass down

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The conditions attending the use of these instruments present many

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When the constriction exists for a longer time, conditions develop

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foci in the pulmonary apices, and thereb}^ the prevention of an ad-

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gestive symptoms, rarely has clubl^ed fingers like other patients

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narrowed at one point owing to the premature introduction of ver}^

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that this, at first sight plausible and simple explanation does not

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hen's egg and filled with transparent urine. The ureters did not show

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Bronchiectasis is mentioned by many authors. It assumes the

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Griffith, Walter, Library, St. Bartholomew's Hospital

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tioned. This form of catarrh may extend to the trachea and even

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Crown octavo, 338 pages, illustrated. With an Appendix on Antiseptic Sur-

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from simple muscular actions to complex symbolic actions,

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Dyspnea is one of the most important functional symptoms. One

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cases is produced and kept up not bj' micro-organisms, but solel}' by

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lower portions of the lungs [a passive congestion is established]. All

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Damaschino: "Schmidt's Jahrbiicher," vol. ecu, p. 186. A similar case.

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Only a regularly conducted objective examination of the limgs will

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facilitates the transmission of the vibratioiLS from that point. Both

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action of the capillary vessels which line the alveolar walls.