mucous membrane surface of the respiratory tract or of certain cir-
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serous cavity nor their absorption has any recognizable causal connec-
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to an extent which makes it uncomfortable or impos-
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pain is mostly of a peculiar obstinacy and \-iolence, and easily takes
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careful diet (milk-cure) and residence in a sanatorium are of value.
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of cardiac insufficiency by the escape of blood into the alveoli of the
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Pollock: " Bone-formation in Lungs," " .Archiv fiir path. Anat. und Physiol.," 1901.
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signs of disease ; no opisthotonos. Eighth day, soon after mid-
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pletely filled with well-preserved cells. But generally the empty
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charge, the cough is annoying and wearing Here we often find
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thrombus originating in peripheral veins contains substances which
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100,000, at my latest information) are sent to school
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if it occurs, as it generally does, before the fourteenth day, is always
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extending from the posterior surface to the middle of the scapula, and
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Dover's powder may be substituted for the morphin. If the patient
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The stoppage in diuresis and diaphoresis which usually accom-
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eighteen (in their way), this result would seem likely
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contrary, are accompanied by a distinct dilatation of these tubes.
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The normal thorax possesses a certain resiliency, by virtue of which
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the anterior thorax reaches higher than in an uncomplicated ])leu-
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closer examination with the naked eye will suffice to show some
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result of the cardiac disturbance, and need not be mentioned as a
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Broussais thought that a dilatation of the diseased side occurs;
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pus. A second puncture below the angle of the scapula with a longer
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diagnosticating the conversion of a serous into purulent effusion,
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ing, climlDing stairs, and the like, — are very hard for them and make
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The heart-sounds are indistinct. Abdomen apparently natural.
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and favors the introduction of miasmatic poisons, so that eventually,
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an alteration in the irritability of the pleural tissue, one of these
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indorse the method, but in adults the direct insufflation of air is still
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and markedly c}^anotic. These phenomena are particularly marked
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with blood. Was sounded in the Plymouth Hospital ; no stone
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ism; it is not rarely associated with streptococci and pyogenic cocci
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cavity, escape our notice, so in conditions of hyperresonance in
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the lungs. These places being cut into, show in nearly all cheesy
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From these experiments it appears that section of the vagi
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nous; the upper lobes contained air throughout, but were edematous. In
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tration referred to above, as well as from figure 3, Plate 4. I am
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is probably due to direct absorption from the purulent focus. In
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the inflammation; it yields to the centrifugal pull of the elastic tissue
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ptomains which are the cause of the paralysis, and that they, by
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tion (Fig. 23), which faithfully reproduces the general appearance of
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each pregnancy. In a third case the asthma became permanent in
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Of the three congenital cataracts, five eyes were operated upon,
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of the serous into a purulent exudate wliich occurs very early has
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1,S88. — See, G.: "Bronchites aigues," Paris, 18S5; " Bronchites chroniques," Paris,
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wife from the juice of the black currant [box-berry], and plenty of