In this edition the book has been subjected to a thorough revision. The
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it is found, on the one hand, that puncture of the abdominal cavity
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in the bronchi may then be attained through aspiration, as already
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other hand, through the taking of alkali the production of the same
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of the larger air-passages. Change of position may be of great im-
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In relation to the former, he remarks that every visceral carcinoma
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looked for in the parents except emphysema itself. An exception
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perature of 60° F. and applied to the parts of the chest they are de-
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The mechanism of dislocation by an exudate deserves especial
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* Schmidt's " Jalirbiiclier," LSSl. f Congress fin- inncre Medicin, 1889.
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compressed air, at an excess of -^-^ to -^^ of an atmosphere, and expires
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A putrid exudate is usually greenish-yellow in color; more rarely
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obliterated. The parietal and visceral layers of the pleura become
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present each time. Biermer missed this coagulation in 25 cases. Its
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the time when an extended consolidation of the upper lobe can be
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all such cases under the heading "bronchitis," and to treat them
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fast in the bronchi has to be distinguished from the aspiration of
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fectly^ healthy people are often found to contain tubercle bacilli.
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resorted to. Michaelis observed a complete change to come over a
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and "purring ") rales. When they reach a certain intensity, these
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very abundant from the beginning, and the condition is then described
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acteristic, but an artificial form; although, according to Lasegue, it
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mended, but they should only be placed on the anterior surface of the
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23. Buhl: "Ueber Ektasien der Lungencapillaren," "Virchow's Archiv," 1859, Bd.
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such cases there is always a pulmonary fistula, or whether absorption
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of the nervous system which can be explained upon the basis of ex-