of the alveoli themselves, whereas this hyperemia in other cases stops

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than fifteen inches in general to the book or slate.

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[Pratt supports Mallorv in the belief that the cells are endothelial.

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of tonus, the more marked is the dilatation of the lower portions

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the question at once suggests itself, Has not the catarrh developed

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frog's foot, or its injection under the skin of the back, causes no

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One of these he sent to a relative, Mrs. Z. This parrot died in the first

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able "work on Clinical Medicine : *A hasty or partial examination

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changes of fever, in pneumonia as well as in other febrile affec-

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green, and red. In every case, save two, perfectly correct

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Although I believe that, according to the old surgical principle

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slows the heart, a further dose greatly quickens it, and another

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Amer. Med. Assoc," Feb. 9, 1889 ; " Epidemics," ibid., Feb. 23, 1889; " Nature,

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in circumference than the right ; it was irregularly ecchymosed

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sound resembling a moderately loud vesicular rale may often be

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plates without nuclei in such large numbers that a destruction of the

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but also in the laryngeal and bronchial tissue, where it is also found

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development of chronic peribronchitis, pneumonia, and pleurisy, and

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weeks ; and in every case a complete restitutio ad integrum may occur.

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4. Arnold : " Untersuchungen iiber Staubinhalation und Staubmetastase," Leipzig,

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Griindler, not a single case of pn(>umonia occurred in the field artillery,

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which in strong patients may be done in the sitting, in weak patients in

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foot and leg lias passed off. "When he gets up and walks about

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is not usually described among them. Its usefulness is very uncertain

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If the cough is easy, the expectoration free, the opiate can be with-

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a zone of primary inflammatory engorgement intervenes; rarely and

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sleep ; sponged twice with icy water, and soothed thereby. 9 P.M.,

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it is invariably implicated in the apex dulness of phthisis. In phthisis

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is brought about which exceeds that which can be produced spon-

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(v. Jiirgensen, p. 55). Lebert says, on the other hand, quite properly

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ited in large quantities. According to his opinion, coal-dust has

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easily be verified by examination, or a serous and occasionally puru-

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unnecessary, and superfluous element in the animal economy.

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haemorrhage into tlie optic canal in the sphenoid. Again, the blow

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as it is a gratification to the conscientious reader."

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Pleiades, and at the approach of winter, many causi set in ; biit

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somewhat incorrectly designate absorption of oxygen, whereas it is in

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dark red color. The sputum expectorated in croupous pneumonia