whereas by exertion of the expiratory muscles the escape of air may
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on the lateral surfaces of the lungs. The color of these large lungs on
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organ; the latter had also a hazy appearance and was covered with
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ease is located at the base. These subjective expressions are, however,
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definite relation; thus, in 100 cases with membrane in the lower
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J Deiitsches Arehiv filr Idin. Mediein, vol. xxii; Berliner klin. Wochcnsehr., 1S80.
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Ziemssen und Zenker: In " Oesophaguskrankheiten," two cases of traction diverti-
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tain motions of the arms with and without dumb-bells or a staff, deep
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cases were bilateral. The right lung was affected, therefore, in 51.9%
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result of catarrhal pneumonia following measles. Here hemorrhages
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of the exudate and a rise of temperature above 41° C. (l()r).,S° F.)
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num tannicum neutrale is not identical with the chininum tannicum
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in the neighborhood of the hilum and spreading from there to the
cells has a characteristic rusty brown appearance, which makes it
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July 7, 1898: In spite of having taken 3 gm. (45 grains) of chloral
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may for some time remain moderately tympanitic. In certain cases
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tion of its reflexes produced by the irritation of the exudate. This
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more difficult to expectorate such corpuscular elements. For part
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of making a preliminary exploratory puncture at the point of incision
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dangerous phenomena. To these belong, in the first place, conditions
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these bacteria upon the human organism. The fact previously dem-
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The intensity of this hyper])lasia of the blood-vessel endothelium
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eases, especially in the course of enteric fever, the long continuance of
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pathologic conditions, certainly no inflammatory processes of an