the patient is safer in the hands of the surgeon than if left to nature.
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These lesions may be divided into — first, those that affect the
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In the beginning the apex-beat disappears or a peculiar undulation
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given hy the mouth. The vomiting after subcutaneous injection
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such cases be reacUly palpable below the costal border, hence the
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which compels the child to stoop to work at ordinary
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the tissues producing an abnormal functional activity (inflammation)
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positions and disappears on changing the position. This depends
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the cells which are normally present and are generally regarded as
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Pye-Sraith: " Syphilitic Interstitial Pneumonia." Exactly at the bifurcation the
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one of the intercostals which may be situated near the external wound
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are considerably diminished; the stoppage of blood in the right ^•en-
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primary localization to cases where no general disease can be demon-
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Professor of Surgery and of Surgical Anatomy, Nf',ci York Polyclinic.
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The comparative percentage of those ill with pneumonia to those
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The sputum is mostly purulent; it is very yellow in color (if it
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Kidd. ("Trans. Path. Soc," vol. XXXV, p. 118.) Aneurysm at the beginning of the
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about the frequency of the pulse in asphyxia or atelectasis; the
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Action on the vagus. — It will be seen from the description
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but not necessarily the only one. He knew a patient with hay-asthma
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leading from infundibula. The areas where the vesicles are most
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original dulness persists for several days longer, with coincident weak-
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tion of the foreign body established the diagnosis. If the foreign
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prefer operating for cataract without.chloroform, though I never
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such a light, but may still be found very suitable if
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exhibited a very interesting ap])aratus * which he calls a pneumometer.
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disturbance of the costal cartilages; he gives a very thorough, though