Weigert: "Die Wege des Tuberkelgiftes zu den serosen Hiiuten," "Deutsche med.
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valve, and is of the size of half a hemp-seed or bigger. A
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best described by a simile. In the former, breath and sputa smell
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Some authors attach a good deal of importance to a peculiar type
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sion of an end-artery. An abscess results when a vessel other than an
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the syringe with a 5% solution of carbolic acid before
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would be highly dangerous to pass the hand into this narrowed
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that the bile is made in the liver, because towards the end of the
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not exceed the limits that correspond to the functional capacity of
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metamorphosis of the bile in the blood is checked or brought to
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be a considerable change in the blood-vessels * ; these may become
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impossible, in consideration of the fact that the process in the bron-
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render these school-rooms as wholesome as the aver-
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the pioneer work of Skoda, many puzzling questions still remain to
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trace of bile could be found in the blood, muscles, gastric juice,
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116. Ku-ssmaul : " Die A.schcnbcstandtheile der Lungen und Bronchialdriisen,"
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2. E. M., after a short walk in the morning, became very tired,
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runner of local or general tuberculosis. The domain of traumatic
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the patient eventually dies after a period of continued fever with
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nearer to the pleura this is, the more likely is an exudate to com-
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inner opening as far as possible below the level of the fluid.
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Mrs. X. after her first confinement was seized with chills, and shortly
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after I saw her, from an attack of severe diarrhoea. A post
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formerly done, to facilitate the escape of the pus. Resection should be
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Overwork ought not to be allowed, on the one hand ;
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254. A\'elch : " Brit. Armv Med. Report for the Year 1867," 329 Citirt nach Hirsch,
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recommended in summer and under favorable circumstances. The
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The autopsy showed extensive tissue-destruction in the left lung,
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surface a moderately large number of blood-vessels the twigs of which
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figure 24, page 398, and Fig. 2 on Plate 4). This explanation does
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formation in the lungs ; but it would seem rational to give an acid diet
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although it would seem that a clearer conception of pneumonia would