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supported in a slightly tilted posture in writing; but,

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times opening outward and sometimes entirely closed. A shrunken

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pneumonia with secondary interstitial emphysema — a condition that is

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mucous membrane hung about the hand. This difficulty was

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echinococcus vesicles in the peritoneal cavity (Senator and Gerhardt).

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there can be absolutely no doubt of it. I myself in the year 1880

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years unless carried to the point of over-excitement,

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in which he analyzes the results of a long series of experiments and

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ingly arranged granules, so that a granular disintegration of the

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some; this is the case when we give too large doses, but if minute

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" We cannot speak too highly of this valuable contribution to the literature of practical surgery.

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is felt in the epigastrium, as in the highest grades of emphysema.

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equilibrium of the thorax is the product of the elastic tendency

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exist although the hand may be unable to discover it.

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few hours after the injury till recover}'', and failed to find a trace

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slight bronchial respiration, and increased pectoral fremitus.

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however, will always assure them a large following.

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frequently as a local tuberculosis, surrounding the caseous areas in

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does not necessarily immediately lead to convalescence, but gives rise

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times alone, and both lungs 189 times; the relative percentage almost

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the apparatus is relegated to the lumber-room. The essentials in

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infusion as long as fever is present, or slight intoxication phenomena

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the pressure of a tumour from the outside, need not here be

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But a precise definition is also required in another respect.

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was circulating during the period of compression, and this blood, of course,

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sex. In the Policlinic of Wiirzburg among 565 cases there were 85

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There is one form of pulmonary hemorrhage which might be

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well as in the anterior parts. Although at first glance they appear

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Frog A. — Injected at 12.43 a.m. At 12.48, tetanus. 12.49,

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