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channels, such as exist to a limited extent even under normal condi-
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sign, the manometer being connected with the abscess by means of a
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227. — " Ueber Staubinhalationskrankheiten der Lungen," " Deutsches Archiv fiir
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and stick fast in one of th^ larger bronchi, extensive ulceration with
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ances were similar to those in the other two experiments.
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a diffuse spreading of the inflammation over all terminal bronchi, or,
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396, 1 have made this examination, with the following results:
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disturbances which have been previously mentioned makes me ex-
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an induced current, while the one which had been lying in the
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remains in the cavity, it produces no cough, and only when it flows
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Knauthe: Article on " Bronchitis catarrhalis" in Eulenburg's " Realencyklopadie."
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being emptied through the bronchi, and if that were the case, it
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in the cases treated by me in the hospital during the last eighteen
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vation in regard to depth and frequency of respiratory movements
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features, and blue discoloration of the mucous membranes and promi-
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is dependent on precisely the same conditions as bronchial breathing.
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carded them altogether. Still less can we boast of the results ob-
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Bemerkung zur Lehre von der Uriimie," " Deutsche med. Wochenschr.," 1877,
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Complete evacuation of the pleural cavity was achieved onh' after all
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the right arm, and the face are edematous. The right thorax is in all
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cles. Only in a few places did the alveoli contain nothing but fibrinous
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immunized rabbits show a marked difference in their action according
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scientifically; if this is impossible, it is the physician's duty not to
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as particularly useful. A cold, moist climate should always be
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ing this experiment to the lungs, it is concluded that fre(iuent and
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212. Rohmann: " Ueber die Ausscheidung der Chloride im Fieber," " Zeitschr. fiir
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wal(i near Berlin. These resorts are especially appropriate for a
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ment and virulence for months if kept in bouillon, provided they were
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pleura, in which these enlargements were not occasionally observed.
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Leichtenstern J mentions a very remarkal^le complication : A stone-
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toward the exterior is, of course, quite common; perforation toward
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respiratory organs — therefore, also, that of croupous pneumonia — is
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remain to be studied. Whether such a study would be protlucti\e
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bronchus which connnunicates with the fistula and the functional
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ered, and the frequency of the pulse and respiration markedly