A cavity can be produced between the two layers of the pleura only
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the emphysematous areas contain very little coal-dust. From this
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sudden fall in the fever, with critical symptoms, occurs in the greatest
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im])ossible to grasp it, and commit it to paper. Many details still
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signs of effusion, though to a less extent, on the left side. I
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in view of contrary opinions held by some in^'estigators. Other
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Klebs was the first one to demonstrate the presence of bacteria
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exciting cause may also have reached the meninges through the blood.
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nasal mucous membrane are so constant ; sneezing, feeling of tickling
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tinct zones of auscultation : a lower zone, where the respiratory mur-
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t " Verhandlungen der physikalisch-medicinischen Gesellschaft zu Wiirzburg,"
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heiten der Respirationsorgane," Erlangen, 1S31. (Virchow's '' Ilandbuch der spe-
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to be denied; but in any case the literature collected by Sticker in
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had been carried by the blood were not paralysed, and were quite
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bile. Even this evidence may be wanting if the examination
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scribed adhenon between the two layers of the pleura, or to atelec-
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relaxed, and ready to yield to any distending force. And this
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in the older literature and are very doubt fuLf They were char-
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I have not been able to satisfy myself that the proliferation, or rather
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The frequency with which delirium tremens occurs in the course
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deeper layer of the bronchial wall, while the superficial layer was
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prepared to accept this explanation of the greater tendency to em-
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two diseases on each other; the bronchitis, on the one hand, increasing
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1 87 1. — Nine patients with senile cataract. Thirteen eyes
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of the cord below the occiput (Experiment 7) had very little
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The origin of the affection is explained as follows : In the bronchi
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lymphatic apparatus and regional lymphatic glands. But the pseudo-
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Holsti, H. : "Ueber Empyemoperationen, insbesondere deren Nachbehandlung,"
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air-current, reach the alveoli with a certain velocity and perforate
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The upper lobes of both lungs oedematous, less so the lower lobes.
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worthy than those of Kiihne and Frerichs, and I do not think
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pulmonary tissue ; but it is not stated that it causes the characteristic
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watch could always be heard at 1 5 inches distance.