I. Beginning with an acute "cold," coryza and perhaps pha-

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was soon complicated by labor-like pains. After manual clearing out

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Mendelsohn did not obtain any positive results with inoculations of

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perceptible vesicular mm*mur with a metallic quality — is rare; and as

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diseases of the respiratory apparatus the appearance of severe dyspnea

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tion, which was first pointed out by Traube (^^^ p. 16), is compara-

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of tissue; (3) it maintains strength also by its direct action U]ion the

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After an injection of 8 gm. (f.^ij) of camphor solution (6 camphor to

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than in pneumonia, especially if the curve is of an inverse type, with

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lower and lateral portions, but no distortion of the vertebral column;

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in regard to the energy-balance of the body from a number of facts

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where the compression is less. At this point the pressure becomes

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caused by primarily occurring aspiration pneumonia, and which \vi\

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lungs. It is only remarkable that these nodules never attain the

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gravity, while the specific gravity of pus from an abscess is much higher.

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pressure of U to 2 atmospheres, from one-half to one hour, and finally

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We thus gradually learn to think of the former as abstract

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sensitive to pressure. Dulness and ringing rales in the right supra-

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preparations). The occurrence of these cellular elements, which evi-

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latter appear grayish-white with yellow spots. The plugs and masses

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volved. Theoretically it is quite easy to say that the adherent por-

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and in Germany, may be called in support of the theory. Never-

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healthy pleura of an animal, after forcible introduction of relatively

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Eisendrath: "Pulmonary .\bscess; Gangrene; Bronchiectasis Following Pneu-

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the well-preseryed epithelium co\'ering the membrane is sufficient to

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appear in connection with hypostatic pneumonia, are rare. I have

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individuals of good constitution, when they indicate a maxinmm in-

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These parts which are destitute of any epithelial elements ofTered

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may often be repeated at longer or shorter intervals, until the disease

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Those in whom there is an injury to the circulation may expect

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Salter, Hyde: "On A.sthma: its Path, and Treatment," 2d edit., 1868.

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lung affected with the ectasis hrmly to the thoracic wall.

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