search for the characteristic sputum should be made.

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liealthy. Skull — slight roughening and purulent effusion on

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which caused the projection. I cut down upon it, and extracted

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as it relaxes follows the pull of the retracting lung, a moderately

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before. The last two wounds healed in a few days, like the first.

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There is no doubt at least that the muscular contractions on the sound

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Prominent symptoms. — Constant pain in head. Slight pain

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pneumonia; absolutely certain the diagnosis is not, even here. A

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The abdomen is soft, liver and spleen are of normal size. The heart is not

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the physical signs and the temperature is a bad prognostic sign,

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vesicular emph\-sema, or croupous j^neumonia are generally regarded

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even when this undesirable event takes place, it is not the result of

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dyspnea and the results of auscultation and percussion. It has

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after being confined to bed for five years. In the other case

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Bacterium coli, there is probably a hematogenous infection, derived

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function of the lungs can be properly ascertained only after the

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sponds to the normal, one can refuse to be seriously anxious. [Tuber-

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girl would hot generally suffer from her studies if

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after the crisis, and continuing for several daj^s, with the entire

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observed in old persons, in whom the thorax moves as a whol(\ or like

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otherwise the symptoms may be very similar to those of abscess.

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the dorsal or ventral position, the posterior portions containing

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at the expense of the amount demanded by the needs of the organism,

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* Two olisorvations of ( lentilhoinine cited l)y Joal. Fraenkel has one case among

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have reason to surmise that in these cases the gangrene of the lungs

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are not altogether rare, in which an unexpectedly sudden reaccu-

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If we now turn to the diaphragm in an emphysematous subject