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If tubercle bacilli are found in putrid sputum, it may be assumed
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quently not very well developed. AVhether such cases, wliich haxe
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the ^•esicular structure of the lung. For this reason this rale may
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' Tap in fifth or sixth space under the arm just above the rib, in order
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beschrankungen in der Pleurali(")hle, nebst Bemerkungen iiber den Pulsus
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is meant the pathway from the entrance of the nose to the vocal
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body in the same plane are approximately equal, — they are never
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to the neck and face, and finally spread o\er the entire body. From
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this point so as to permit thorough disinfection of the cavity. Out
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gone cheesy degeneration. He also tlescribes an instructive case of
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at the surface is maintained by an increase in the tonic pressure of
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some of the fine, granular, black pulmonary pigment to the soot
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heart and to the congestive enlargement of the liver (compare pp. 332
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The boy is taught how to control his hand in writing
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once the nature and cause of the accident, and report
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and second years. It appears to me, however, that it is not justifiable
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these 98, in proportion to the seat of the pneumonia, 40.17% were
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which I have just quoted, gives a very clear description of the
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at the level of the umbilicus in the middle line of the abdomen.
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Under such circumstances a continuous flow or the late appearance
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to this subject, and found that the coarser fibers of the alveoli are
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cells which form a small peribronchial nodule. The inflannnatory
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which go far to atone for previous sins of neglect.
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its respiratory excursions are of considerable extent, and the dia-
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dark red color. The sputum expectorated in croupous pneumonia
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infected material through the exterior of the body — is much more
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Instantaneous, though not complete, relief was obtained, and the
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becomes absorbed, and the more so as it advances until the crown
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polymorphous, cuboidal epithelioid cells, which I have observed
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The left pulmonary apex was firmly adherent to the thoracic wall.
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prong ; he could not detect any sign of inflammation in its track.