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Dr. E. B. Hooker of Hartford then read a paper entitled

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The difficulty encountered by those who would dispassion-

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shortly afterward, and is one of the leading practitioners in Internal

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the United States. For the five years in which she has

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brilliant results obtained by Crede and others, it seems as though

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Dr. Ward was trustee and vice-president of the Dudley Observatory,

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ing and photography, and most of his recreation time has been spent

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' 'General Surgery." Besides these he wrote for encyclopedias of

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apparatus of pierced tin-plate, wooden splints, splints composed of

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ering ; they appeared suddenly in the evening; the cheeks are

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nation is needed to distinguish it from much graver conditions,

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The annual meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Medical

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cases, because asthenia was the root of all disease, and tonics,

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affected muscles. The extensors of the joint are most affected by this atrophy.

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Children ; he is also one of the founders of the Hotnoio-

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preparatory treatment. This last would be final in some

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articular rheumatism," still so frequently used, is entirely appropriate. The

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William Douglas ("The Practical History of a New Epidemi-

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N. L. Damon, M.D., formerly of North Middleborough, has located at Cohasset,

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that our contemporary "The Times" will not let slip the golden

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"Bottini's Galvano-Caustic Radical Operation for Hypertrophy of the Pros-

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globin to one half. By comparison of the erythrocyte count with the hemo-

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slowly and surely *by experiment, conviction, and adoption.

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the comprehensive school of medicine, not as indicating a

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spoke very interestingly upon the several papers which had been

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thread, and a half-hitch taken so as to leave a loop seven or

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who have rescued the cave man, our earliest known ancestor, from

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inquiry, I found that she had partaken heartily of roast turkey

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justified, and has thus been actively occupied since the year 1886,

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further honored by the same institution by appointment as director of

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Diagnosis. — Lesions of the shoulder -joint, by reason of

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had been carried out through the year, and earnestly requested

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began a s]iecial study of gyn:eiology. She opened a few