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swelling and secretion of the mucous membrane. Furthermore, they
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commenced. On the other hand, percussion is of value in deter-
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ichopathic, primary disease. It is necessary to become familiar with
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clinical notes of a number of cases, the reader is referred to Fowler
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mined by percussion as dull, Wintrich says: " Pulmonary tissue devoid
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For an example, I would call attention especially to the case so
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{op, cit. , Bd. i. pp. 86 and 322) ; Wertheimber (Fragmente zur Lehre vom Icterus,
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which extended into the lungs along the course of the bronchi. It consisted of
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area directly with antiseptic applications. Weak solutions of car-
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chiefly on the degree of acidity of the urine. According to Franz
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brane of the larger bronchi was reddened and covered with exuda-
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— " Treatment of Pneumonic Fever," " N. Y. Med. Jour.," March 30 and April 6 and
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This condition cannot be regarded as an idiopathic and well-
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cells were slightly granular, as wciv also the nuclei. Dreschfeld
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Jaffe: "Ueber subphrcnische Abscesse, nebst Bemerkungcn iiber die Operation des
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followed by Andral, Bouillaud, Louis, Lombard, and Woillez, who
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limb ; the foot and leg were slightly oedematous. There was no
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to 6 bacilli lying together, and was able to demonstrate them in pure
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auscultating, "but sounds in bronchophony are never as plain and
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Neglect to keep a factory or workshop in conformity
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ment of gray hepatization occurs so quickl}' that the intermediate
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the prognosis is at once rendered much more favorable. Much
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elements of the alveolar wall must take place and then an obliteration
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J. H., a boy, aged -4-^, had thoracentesis performed on May
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terminate by crisis and very soon a fever of varying duration may
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"Deutsche med. Wochenschr.," 17. Januar, 1895, 3. Vereinsbeilage.
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was large, heavy, and airless. The upper third of its cut surface had a
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coccus to at least produce a reduction of the deleterious effects of
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extent; they are, as has been mentioned, most frequently found as
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Membranous and fibrinous exudates are formed in the bronchi
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ions of fat are abundant. In the pericardium is a moderate quantity of