lar, structureless plates, without nuclei. In the terminal alveoli the

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been fairly tried without success. In such cases the risk of

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the hilus of the lung may be traced into the alveolar structure.

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from one another by considerable areas of sound tissue, in nowise

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the greater will be the pressure exerted during inspiration on the

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on the day before, by a pseudocrisis (see chart, Fig. 25) [14 out of

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ening the power of the heart. Implication of the endocardium or

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aspiration merely gives the opportunity for renewed exudation. I-'or,

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Hospital tlie discharge varied from a drachm or so to one or two

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rounded by a gelatinous fluid which has accumulated around the wall

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stand at the head, then follow' phosphoric acid and potassium, while

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favorable influence on the syphilitic, as well as on the tuberculous

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meals in any part of glass-works in which the mate-

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118. Lanccrcaux: "Traits pratique et historiquc de la Syphilis," Paris, 1873. Citirt

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there were 35 boys and 22 girls. Even if we take all the cases up

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muscles and the elasticity of the ribs, as well as the exact extent of

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ing, was purposely omitted by him. But this is attended with some

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or the causes are independent of the individuality of the affected

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never experienced any injurious effects from its use (0.0005 to 0.001 —

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size with pus or white blood-corpuscles followed by severance of its

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present in the wall of the alveoli as well as in the lumen of the same.

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only regard as the subject of a mortal injury. It appears that

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collapse is the first stage in the development of the process within the

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of the vital forces, and hence the maintenance of the machine, is

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monum. According to Merkel, this kind of pneumonokoniosis is one

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Lowenthal demonstrated a primary carcinoma in the left lung of

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rise to many explanations which have had for their object the tle-

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3. Concerning food. — The brother of L. S. vomited gooseberries

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more or less extensive areas there may be a considerable quantity of

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the etiology of many hitherto ol^scure cases of primary abscess for-

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spontaneous recovery ensued in an astonishingly short time, this case

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In such cases the term ^^ acute pidmonary distention" instead of

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Frmcipal treatment. — Dec. 27 — Hydrarg. chlor., gr. x.,