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emphysema. In rare, very severe cases, it has been observed that

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the only adequate remedy, venesection, \Aithout waiting for the mani-

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are many children — particularly girls — who ought not

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Avoiding the larger venous trunks, we divide the skin and first

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carefully collected statistical material. The last-named author, who

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during life to distinguish indi\-idual gummatous nodules in the lungs,

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complexion was purplish, but the colour was not deep, except after

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upon glass. Both acids are corrosive ; the latter is

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not persistently confined to any particular fasciculi of nerve-

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According to Fripier's report, which is based on pathologic obser-

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the years from 1886 to 1888 I limited the use of stimulants. Under

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respiratory gymnastics which we are still constantly in the habit of

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