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Path. Soc," vol. xxiv.) The author considers the tumor a lymphadenoma.
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nective, and neuroglia, are the following : sclerosis, colloid
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but in Case 17, multiple sarcoma of the lung was certainly the pre-
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mediastinum, which had grown into the right bronchus and had finally entirely
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two-year-old husband of a woman sixty-four years of age suffering
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croupous pneumonia, especially when the disease is located in the
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The most thorough in^•estigation of the occurrence of catarrhal
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the conclusions to which our experiments have led us with those
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force applied by j\Ir. Smith to my elbow. The hand now slipped
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in contact. Again, a friction sound must necessarily be produced
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insignificant as compared with pus-producing micro-organisms, nor
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for other reasons have prematurely calcified costal cartilages. In this
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The presence of an abundance of coal pigment in the chronically
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fluid may be suspected to lie, as is invariably done in ovario-
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which Andral gives of this abscess is characteristic of the great
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The operation having lasted full twenty minutes, the hand was
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vary during the time of observation, it follows that the strength of the
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pneumococcus infection, erysipelas, after the inhalation of anthrax,
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masses is not at all difficult if they are large and of thick caliber. It
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The only probable explanation which it appeared to me could be
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eleven severe cases of fistulous empyema by tannic acid, given in
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when the foci are at all extensive and not entirely limited to the cen-
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bronchioles, which under normal conditions is prevented by the action of the lon-
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tub, unmindful of the lay prejudice against "cold" in pneumonia.