Bacteriuria. — There are probably few specimens of urine that do not
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treatment in cholelithiasis are (a) to remove the cause ; {b) to relieve
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imminent danger. The condition of the heart and kidneys must receive
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Observations and Precepts on the Method of Examination and Diag-
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activity merely increases the cerebro-spinal irritation, and can only
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Lymphomata may also develop in the tonsils, lingual follicles, intes-
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mav be dependent upon the primary infectious process ; but in many
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tient, and forms a characteristic feature of the disease. This symptom
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may be no recognizable point of strongest impulse as in health. Dis-
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and in order to accomplish this the method advised by Ralston James
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102.5° F. (37.7°— 39.1° C.) may be present. Consciousness is rarely
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Several years may elapse between the appearance of the symptoms and
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The differential diagnosis between pulmonary carcinoma and pul-
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growth predominates in spirit-drinkers. The mucosa of the stomach
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mind generally remains clear, though the patient is often emotional,
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Fig. 42.— Method of making a laryngoscopic examination.
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enjoined. This method is worthy of extended trial, but great caution
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limit. There is anorexia, which occasionally alternates with a voracious
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day, and embodies all the essential points of advanced American gynecology. It is destined