embolic character; or commence in the finest bronchi, when it is due

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are to be devised to prevent the action of the individual factors.

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monia go through the same metamorphosis as regards the development

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scription of an exact differentiation. Ruge has given very ex])licit

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acteristic, but an artificial form; although, according to Lasegue, it

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half-closed eyes, and a smg-ll and quick pulse. The volvulus

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disease which has here been given, would be exceedingly difficult.

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results as he did (St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports, 1S73, '^o'- i^- P- l?^)-

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The readers of these Reports will remember that in the volume

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so on the right side. For the more satisfactory examination of

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gangrene; but the condition must be looked upon as rare in com-

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granular, and fibrillar mass, around and through which the young

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most satisfactory work on modern surgery with which we are familiar. It is thorough, complete, and

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nation the fremitus periodically vanishes and reappears, and he assumes

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the tissues are crowded together, and although, according to Traube's

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100 [J.; the spermin crystals are decidedly larger, often as long as 900 n

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rence of crisis, the patient feels comparatively comfortable on or about

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neighbourhood of the fourth or fifth rib (in the case under con-

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ally encroach upon, and finally perforate,* the bronchial wall and pour

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is quite possible that a favorable effect is produced on the heart and

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After this there was no return of pulsation. The aneurysm

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eight, forty-nine, and sixty-five years respecti\'ely. Here, however,

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I have seen a pneumothorax, which had evidently been produced in

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pictures and bric-a-brac for the purpose of talking

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cations and course of catarrhal pneumonia, after the definition of the

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vivo happens more frequently than can be demonstrated postmortem.

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facture. In England, in 1875, 2 -6 persons in every

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than common pulmonary epithelia, consisting of a dense aggrega-

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the lung tissue which accompanies the diminution of the exudate.

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